Siggy Simon Jr · Martin S. Siegrist

My main projects

A serialized sci-fi story.

My current workplace
Tomavision studio

As a Technical Director & Compositing Supervisor

My life...
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Siggy Simon Jr · Martin S. Siegrist

A brief bio

Influenced by a vast sci-fi collection of books, comics and films, I began to write descriptions of universes of the future trying to find a credible futuristic reality.
I was raised up surrounded by a great amount of reading material, including many science books and, above all, books about space, life, the universe and everything…

Currently studying English Studies —formerly known as English Philology, where I am surrounded by stories, books, literary masterpieces, from the old marvels to the postmodern experimentalist absurdities, which keep on feeding me and drive me to keep developing more and more ideas.
Sadly, the very same studies are robbing me of the time I want to use to keep on working on SpaceHighways (More about the SpaceHighways. series).

During various courses, we students had to create our own stories and —I can’t avoid it— I write too much… Some of the short stories evolved into true mini-novels, others stayed as micro-stories or simple sagas… If you want to read some of my other works, take a look at my (utterly outdated) blog Un·Tales (This blog is now deleted… When time is to spare, I will upload my old stories either to Medium, Wattpad or similar).

I always wanted to publish a more detailed biography of myself, but, honestly, it’s boring… Boring for me and the reader… It seems I am not able to write a good, happy biography without over-extending or ending crying…

If, someday, I write a decent biography, I’ll post it here ^_^

Rough timeline
Year Place Event
1979 Zurich, Switzerland I was born
1984 Zurich My little sister Franzisca was born
1986 Zurich I began to read science books, particularly about the solar system and space.
1989 Zurich I knew more about the Solar System than my teacher, I was punished…
1991   Moved from Zurich to Tazacorte with my family.
1991 Tazacorte, La Palma A new home on the Canary Islands, Spain.
1991 Tazacorte Back to school.
1995 Los Llanos de Aridane The fun high school…
1999 Los Llanos de Aridane I love high school, I stay two years more…
2001 Santa Cruz de Tenerife I began to study a Superior-level Training Cycle (similar to BTEC Level 4/5 diploma) called “Audiovisual and performance production.”
2003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife The first ideas and hints for SpaceHighway begin to flourish.
2004 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Beginning to write the first chapters of SpaceHighway.
2006 Tegueste I begin to work at La Mirada Producciones as an edition assistant.
2007 Tegueste Promotion to Technical Director at La Casa Animada
2011 Heartbreaking break up…
2012 San Cristóbal de La Laguna Took the decision to study, again…
Summer 2012 Los Llanos de Aridane Major creative impulse since the first ideas for SpaceHighway. Kept on writing for a whole month, just writing…
2012 Tegueste Started to study Pedagogy at the UNED (National University of Distance Education, Spain)
2012 Tegueste Began publishing SpaceHighway in Spanish.
2013 Tegueste Left the Pedagogy degree thanks to a disagreement with the subjects taught.
2013 Tegueste Began the English Studies degree at the University of La Laguna.
2016 Tegueste Utterly disappointed by the lack of interest in SpaceHighway in Spanish, I began a reboot in English.
2018 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Began to work part-time at tomavision, an animation studio.
  Santa Cruz de Tenerife Got promoted to work full time at tomavision as a composting artist.
2021 Santa Cruz de Tenerife Got promoted at tomavision as a Technical Director and a Composting Supervisor.

Coding Projects

My QT/JS scripts projects for Harmony

Scripts and tools for Toon Boom Harmony

One-click scene file setup

Creates all the required nodes, backdrops, and configs to start working.

Updated soon


Terminal scripts

Bash, zsh, shell, batch & ps scripts

ePub to AZW3 & MOBI converter

Bash script to be called via Automator. Converts dragged and dropped ePubs to Amazon's ebook formats. For macOS Mojave and higher (64bits)

Updated soon


Websites I made / designed

Wordpress based sites (online)
Site Description Language(s) Client Notes Hosting Admin,
SpaceHighways Space adventure serial English Own
  • Custom child theme
  • Custom plugins
  • Graphics
  • Design elements
Reisen80+ Reiseblog von Anita und Simon Travel blog German Family
  • Custom child theme
  • Graphics
Simon E. Siegrist Home Page and blog German Family
  • Custom child theme
Pure HTML, CSS, AJAX based sites (online)
Site Description Language(s) Client Notes Hosting Admin
Support Family landing page German, Spanish Family
  • Simple landing page. SpaceHighway project site English, Spanish Own
  • Project site with secure downloads for patrons. My own "home" site English, Spanish Own
  • This very same page.
Wordpress based sites (defunct)
Site Description Language(s) Client Notes Hosting Admin
La Mirada Producciones Film production, Corporate Site Spanish,
La Mirada S.L.
  • Custom child theme
  • Adaptive design
  • Video DB integration.
Siggy Simon Jr: Writing about writing Writing blog with scribblings. English Own
  • Custom child theme
  • Graphics
  • Design elements
des·Cuentos / unTales Stories publishing blog Spanish,
  • Custom child theme
La Casa Animada S.L. Animation Studio, Corporate Site Spanish
La Casa Animada
  • Custom child theme
  • DB integration
El Club de Archi Children's club, Canaries Spanish La Mirada,
La Casa Animada
  • Co-developed.
  • Refitted with custom child theme
  • DB integration
  • Custom pages
Anita Siegrist-Schmid Home Page German Family
  • Custom child theme

Other Inactive Projects

My inactive projects

Projects on hold, for now...

Updated soon


Defunct projects

Projects which have, sadly, died...

Updated soon



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